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You can purchase 3Dfier 2D to 3D filter for Stereoscopic Player with the PayPal button. This version of 3Dfier filter is designed for Stereoscopic Player and for personal use only. If you need a commercial license, please write to 這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看 to have your special request. Before you purchase this full function 3Dfier 2D to 3D filter for Stereoscopic Player, please read the license agreement. If you agree, then you can purchase our 3Dfier filter for Stereoscopic Player. License agreement for 3Dfier 2D to 3D transform filter for Stereoscopic Player

Before you install this version of 3Dfier 2D-3D transform filter for Stereoscopic Player, you need to read through and agree the terms and conditions below:

-This version of 3Dfier is intended for Stereoscopic Player on one system only. Do not install to more than one system at the same time.

-This filter is for your personal use. Do not use the filter itself and the derived works for any commercial purpose.

-This version of 3Dfier is targeting for 3D video viewing purpose only. Do not use it to convert video contents for any purpose.

-You agree not to perform any reverse engineering or hacking of the filter. Nor should you modify the filter binary. Any information you obtained by using the 3Dfier filter is considered our intellectual property. Do not use the information without our agreement.

-Always refer to www.3Dfier.com if you are showing the filter or derived works. If you wish to use 3Dfier for any commercial demo, please contact us to get a license agreement.

-Do not distribute the files you have downloaded.


Item name: 3dfier 2Dto3D filter

3dfier 2Dto3D filter